My photography

Posts containing my photography:

University of Chicago


Frozen (home, C lake)

Winter Wonder  (M park at winter)

Up at Midnight (home)

Gratitude (M park late fall, icy)

Love is the Cure for Your Pain (ren faire couple)

I Like Living (Starved Rock)

Gratitude (M park in late fall)

I spent some time with Jesus yesterday (Shrine)

Morning walk (behind middle school)

Trick Or Treat (halloween at home)

Nature is Medicinal (fall arboretum, swans, blue heron, frog)


The Nature of Things (early fall at arboretum with oldest dd)

Glow in the Park (nighttime at the arboretum)

Magic Things

Bird Walk (M park with E and the white egret)

While they sleep (cemetery)

In the Garden (M park in April)

Full Moon Fire Jam

I like living

Bird Bath (robin)

One view one year apart (Starved Rock)

Tree Hugger

Starved Rock in Springtime – Part I

Starved Rock in Springtime – Part II

The Watcher in the Woods (arboretum in springtime)

Morning has broken (outside the window)

What on Earth is this Domed Thing?

Indy Arts Vintage Marketplace

Sweet Child O’ Mine (M park at dusk with youngest)

Nighttime walk in the park (solo walk at M  park at dusk)

Happy Earth Day (springtime at arboretum with the family)

Risk (flowering tree)

Starved Rock 2012

There are times I wish I could paint

Sometimes there are just no words

Spring has sprung (Nature walk around the block)

Somewhere over the rainbow

Mommy and Me Date at The War Memorial

Early Spring at the Arboretum

The World is an Echoing Place

If I could carry a sunset in my heart


Walk a while with me (fall at the Arboretum)

Splash of Color: Fall at the University

How we spent 9-11 (M park)

Sun and City

My Kind of Town Part II

My Kind of Town Part I

Hmmm, if it works, why change it (comments on Anthony Weiner’s weiner)


From Country to City

Maybe Rousseau had it right (wetlands)

One of my favorite places to be (M park at dusk)

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