My writing…and my writing ABOUT writing…and my writing about NOT writing..and my writing about creativity.

Fiction and Memoir

Fallen – a story about suicidal pain

A Tragic Sense of Life

Indiana Gathering of Writers 2012

A Writer’s Paradise

Strange How Things Happen (the ways we touch)

Born into the Arms of Jesus

My mother, my father, my self

Reflexes Like A Ninja

Letter to a Dying Man

So I’m thinking of asking my dental hygienist out

Writers are a funny breed

Seeking fellowship in all the wrong places

These Hands

Strange How Things Happen

Reveries and Broken Dreams

She, The Warrior

They don’t really know me

Leaving Ripples

I Like Old People, They Have The Best Stories

Moody (about mood swings and bipolar, about creativity, about NOT writing, about PTSD, about being “touched with fire’)

The Day We Buried Grandmother

Funny excerpt from a letter to my friend (from me to Craig…with more than a smattering of Jack Kerouac)

The Search for Divinity

If We Could Just Be Who We Are

The Artist and the Bookstore (my 24 hour  Muse and my mini manic attack.  Exuberance – gotta love it)

Desperately Seeking Something

The Beast (my first attempt at metaphorical writing.)

Remembering Barb

Letter from the Former Lab Rat

The Compulsion to Write (what Mark Twain and I have in common – at least until the faucet is turned off for me).

Why *do* I write

He Sings Me the Blues (musings about the Potbelly musician who plays the blues)

Silly story prompt – a memory of cabbage

The Intellectual Mother Meets the Artistic Mother (breaking out into new means of creative expression)

Why a new blog

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