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His journey is over.

My father’s journey in this life is over.  His spirit is now free. I arrived in Colorado a week and a half ago, on a Tuesday.  He stopped eating shortly thereafter, and didn’t eat anything for many days, except a … Continue reading

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Not doing so well.

I can’t even handle a full post today, so I wrote a prose poem. Death and Madness David died a week ago today. He was my ex-brother-in-law. It was a horrid crash. I heard odd stuff at the wake and … Continue reading

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Strange how things happen

I don’t know why things happen the way they do. During the final week of my daughters’ softball season, we found out the 7 year old brother of one of my daughter’s former teammate and friend died from an unexpected … Continue reading

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A letter to a dying man

“Even the strong show signs of fatigue.” Friedrich Nietzsche by M on Wednesday, February 29, 2012 at 9:08pm · My brother said this to me once. At the moment, I have a deep and un-abiding understanding of it. The frequency with … Continue reading

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Born into the arms of Jesus.

Warning: If you have ever had a stillbirth and a still hurting from your spiritual wound, please, don’t read this post. It’s not vulgar, but it is graphic, and raw and powerful and you may not be ready. I don’t … Continue reading

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