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My heart had been closed off and hiding out entombed as it was in a world of words and fragments of memories. Guilt, shame and self-criticism were relentless sentries, letting no hope in. I locked my heart to shield me … Continue reading

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Hidden from view

Here, too, hidden from view With breath abating, I’m patiently waiting To see and be seen, what a wonderful dream Heavy heart, broken apart Fallen tears, restless fears I gave him my youth, he clouded the truth I thought I … Continue reading

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Hospitality and Healing

Please invite me inside and pour me some tea. Steaming hot, with a sprig of fresh mint from your garden. Let’s talk awhile. I will be good company and share my adventures and heartbreak and wonder. And I’ll ask you … Continue reading

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The Divine Artist

The Divine Artist Sometimes, without any prompting I catch a glimpse of Nature’s magic. I live for these brief moments of transcendent joy. I am blessed to witness the splendor of the natural world through these eyes – these bespectacled … Continue reading

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Who I really am

I feel passion, rage, joy and grief but I’m not my feelings I spin poems out of language but I’m not my words I ruminate on ideas but I’m not my thoughts I create art but I’m not the canvas … Continue reading

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