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In-between and nowhere

I have this peculiarly troubling phenomenon happen to me from time to time. A real-life friend of mine told me something that always seems to worry me a bit.  He said, “I wonder if I’m smart enough to keep up … Continue reading

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The dry season.

Before they closed down the local borders, I wrote this post about not being able to connect with people who had loved books as much as I had. I wrote this in January of 2010, four years ago: I’m convinced … Continue reading

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Anxiety and creative expression

I think that I am finally making peace with my anxiety.  I had been trying for a long time to figure out how to get rid of it.  I was not sure I could. I wrote a comment on a … Continue reading

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What do I do when he is gone?

I wanted to share these facebook posts from my stepmother and myself, and my response to my stepmother’s question, “What will I do when he is gone?”: Mom Gail: Update on my Beloved Danny. He’s still in hospice, but if … Continue reading

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Just call me Twitchy

I had a trippy experience at the hospital yesterday when I underwent a minor (but majorly annoying and embarrassing) outpatient surgical procedure. Apparently lidocaine/epinephrine combination makes me go nuts (the mix because lidocaine numbs and the epi constricts the blood … Continue reading

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