My kind of town – Part I (Millenium/Grant Park)

Hubby and I are celebrating 14 years of marriage tomorrow.  Every 4th of July weekend we try to get a sitter for a few days and go someplace – either out to a bed and breakfast in the country or out to the big city.

This year we opted for a city adventure, taking in the sights on foot.  We took a dangerously overpacked train in due to people wanting to go to the Taste of Chicago and Navy Pier and the White Sox/Cubs Crosstown Classic.  That was a hot, sweaty, standing room only nightmare.  But it didn’t last long.

I have way too many photos so I think I will break it up into a few posts.

We started out at Millenium Park and took pictures of the replica of the peristyle monument that stood at that same location between 1917 and 1953.  The original was razed to make way for a parking garage.  Hmm…the Counting Crows lyrics “They paved paradise and put up a parking lot” just came to mind.


We found someone to take our picture together.


I liked the view from behind, with the skyscrapers peeking through the columns.


Children frolicking in Crown Fountain.

Can you see the face in the back tower?


My favorite place of Millenium Park is Lurie Garden.  We first saw it when it first opened in 2004, but it wasn’t as lush as it is now.

The paving is made with pieces of granite.  I was standing on one of the benches to take some photos.

Lurie Garden overlooks the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago, seen at the top left.


There was a wedding party taking photographs in the garden.   I snapped a few myself.


The young bride, below, was a stunning figure in blue.  If I ever get married again, I’d opt out of white and go for vibrant color like that.  She’s beautiful surrounded by Tennessee purple coneflowers.


Just gorgeous.  I wish I knew who she was to give her copies of the photos I took.  She was posing for the photographer off to the right.


It was hot out, but not unbearable.  Still, it was nice to cool down a bit in the canal that lines the garden.


Nearby, we walked along Randolph Street to go to Navy Pier.  We stopped at point to take a picture of Buckingham Fountain in nearby Grant Park.  You can see the vendor/dining tents of The Taste of Chicago in the foreground.


I decided to put the Navy Pier pictures in a separate post, but when we returned, we captured a few evening shots of Millenium Park.

I couldn’t help but watch these two young lovers kissing each other on the steps of the Pritzker Pavilion.  I was sad the photo was out of focus, but I think for their privacy, they’d be glad it was.


Even though it looks like a bean, the official name of this shiny sculpture is named Cloud Gate.


Hubby took a final shot of me on a staircase leading up to Chase Promenade.


I took this shot of the flower bed from where I was sitting. I think the street beyond that is the corner of Michigan Avenue and Washington Street. You can see the “L” (elevated) train in the background.

It was a wonderful day.  I love my city.  For an adventuresome type like me, the city is a delight to the senses.  High energy.  Beautiful architecture.  Crazy busy.  Loud.  Shiny. Chaotic. Lots of surprises around every corner.

About Casey

“the only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars and in the middle you see the blue centerlight pop and everybody goes ‘Awww!’ ~ Jack Kerouac, On The Road Again
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2 Responses to My kind of town – Part I (Millenium/Grant Park)

  1. Phil says:

    Beautiful pictures of the anonymous bride, great shots of Chicago, and overall a great way to celebrate an anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

  2. Thank you for the song Phil. It’s beautiful.

    Yes, I got lucky with those shots of the anonymous bride. I thought they turned out great.

    Spending time walking around the city is so much fun for me. I used to have to drag husband along to the city. He was much more content in the suburbs, but over the years, he’s grown to enjoy the hustle and bustle and the experience of the big city.

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