Journaling with art

Posts about my art journaling attempts

Hold My Hand

Open to Receiving

An Artful Thanksgiving

Steampunk Dreams

Evolution of an Art Journal Page

My Mother, My Father, My Self


This says it all

Moleskine Doodle

A little background

Art Journaling Fun

Altered Book – Gratitude Art Journal

Gratitude Art Journal – Entry 2

Not always sunshine and rainbows over here

For Art’s Sake

Old Wedding Photos

If you see me at Starbucks

A Little Creative Break

Definition of Fine Art

Art Journaling fun 2

Watercolor fun

Expressing anger and rage through art

Real Men Can Do Art

2 Responses to Journaling with art

  1. I see you do have your art up. Just lovely. The Steampunk D isn’t pulling up anything.

    • Casey says:

      That’s because there’s a picture of me in a handmade steampunk gentleman costume I made and I was feeling like I looked ugly…and so I privatized it. But I put it back to public if you’d like to see it.

      Thanks for enjoying my work.

      I have a new art journal blog here:

      Gotta get some things done around the house. Will be back later to read your poetry link…

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