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A tragic sense of life

[Trigger warning for suicidal threats.] Last Saturday, Jenna’s husband threatened to kill himself…again…for the fourth time in their 15 year long marriage.  He was a good man most of the time, when he wasn’t drinking.  Caring and loving.  Jenna could … Continue reading

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She, the Warrior

Out of the darkness, She* emerges – battle-worn, bloodied and breathless.  Her sword and her shield now heavy in her hands, She lets them drop them to the grass below. She looks east toward the horizon and sees the morning … Continue reading

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Fallen – a story of suicidal pain

What a gorgeous autumn night, thought Stephanie as she gazed across the shimmering water from her spot on the retaining wall of the large pond. The pounding in her head eased up slightly,  but the fogginess in her brain hadn’t … Continue reading

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Funny excerpt from a letter to my friend

I’m sharing a funny tidbit from an email letter I sent my writer friend Craig this year, with whom, sadly, I haven’t corresponded in a long time. ****** Good morning Kraygue, I am in a weird mood this morning.  It’s … Continue reading

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Silly story prompt – A memory of Cabbage

This was a reprint of a 5 minute story prompt I gave a shot at for my friend Joanna over at Wisdom Within, Ink that I wrote a year ago, October 9, 2009. ******* When I think of cabbage, I … Continue reading

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