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I lie in wait.

My daughter had another seizure last week and it was a terrifying experience for me.  Unlike the last time, this happened during the daytime and I had my glasses on, so I knew what was happening. I was reading The … Continue reading

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His journey is over.

My father’s journey in this life is over.  His spirit is now free. I arrived in Colorado a week and a half ago, on a Tuesday.  He stopped eating shortly thereafter, and didn’t eat anything for many days, except a … Continue reading

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The beginning of the last days

2010 was the only time in 33 years I was able to see my father and embrace him.  It’s been 4 years since that photo was taken…but it doesn’t seem that long ago.  You can see all the pictures of … Continue reading

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Surrendering is hard for me.

There’s all this “stuff” going on in my life that’s challenging me. I’m a highly sensitive person.   I don’t know if I would have been this way anyway, or if I became this way due to childhood and relationship trauma.   … Continue reading

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The Great Mrs. Parker

I write about death and dying a lot on my blog.  Like Mark Twain, writing helps me process life’s events and death is the one that I really take a long time to process.  Reading Julien’s blog post Are we … Continue reading

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