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The birthday post

I was born 44 years ago today.  I find it hard to believe I’m that old, when I don’t feel that way at all. I wanted to share an old post of mine, to highlight where I was, not too … Continue reading

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The journey so far

I wrote this originally in June of 2010.  I am re-posting it now for a particular reason.  In the next blog post or few I want to talk about the idea that the worst part about growing up in abusive … Continue reading

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To Wash A Child

I just finished giving my littlest daughter a bath.   I remember the time when I was really afraid to bathe my little squirming babies when they were infants.   The days of bathing my children are coming to a close.  My … Continue reading

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The Great Mrs. Parker

I write about death and dying a lot on my blog.  Like Mark Twain, writing helps me process life’s events and death is the one that I really take a long time to process.  Reading Julien’s blog post Are we … Continue reading

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On maintaining meaning

The character of Sherlock Holmes has been on my mind of late.  I’ve really liked Robert Downey, Jr’s depiction of him, as well as Johnny Lee Miller’s version of him on Elementary. I was talking to an acquaintance on a … Continue reading

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