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I won’t be afraid.

I feel traumatized a day after this 2016 election, but I won’t be afraid. When the first state wins pointed to Trump, I just knew that Clinton was going to lose.  I cried, hard, at what this might mean for … Continue reading

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His journey is over.

My father’s journey in this life is over.  His spirit is now free. I arrived in Colorado a week and a half ago, on a Tuesday.  He stopped eating shortly thereafter, and didn’t eat anything for many days, except a … Continue reading

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How we approach death

I wanted to share something from the little booklet on dying from hospice care.  Its called Gone From My Sight  by Barbara Karnes, RN.  I thought it was lovely. * “How we approach death is going to depend upon our fear … Continue reading

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I say “yes” to the grieving process.

I have become very intimate with death and dying. Besides my grandparents, who lived into their 90s, I sat at the bedside of my friend dying of cancer in 2002 when she was only 51. I held my sister’s hand … Continue reading

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What do I do when he is gone?

I wanted to share these facebook posts from my stepmother and myself, and my response to my stepmother’s question, “What will I do when he is gone?”: Mom Gail: Update on my Beloved Danny. He’s still in hospice, but if … Continue reading

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