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Why recovering from suicidal crises is hard

I didn’t know this week is Suicide Prevention week, but I found out when I read one of my favorite trauma treatment blogs: Dr. Kathleen Young, Treating Trauma in Tuscon. In my experience, suicide attempts are traumatic experiences.  Suicidal ideation … Continue reading

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These hands

I’m reblogging an old post of mine.   The art journal page I finished last night made me think of a post I wrote last year. I also recently printed up this picture and placed it in my sacred space. Have … Continue reading

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C-PTSD or Borderline Personality Disorder or a little bit of both?

To date, this post has been viewed over 11oo times (and counting) since I first published it.  Let me just say, I’m glad you found your way to this post.  I know you, or someone you love is struggling with … Continue reading

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The Solitude of Prime Numbers

Of all places, I found an intriguing fiction book at my grocery store by particle physicist and Premio Strega award-winning author Paolo Giordano (brillant AND sexy). Divisible only by one and themselves, prime numbers stand in stark contrast to … Continue reading

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