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Maybe there would be no stigma

I’m reprinting a comment I left on Depression Time’s blog post End The Stigma: Prejudice Still Punishing The Mentally Ill. While it’s waiting for his approval, I thought I’d reprint (and expand) my response here. ***** I have a hard time … Continue reading

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Using Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy to Manage Depression

I am in the process of restructuring my life to include many aspects of holistic healing from some difficult life experiences.  The specter of Depression seemed to lurk around every corner for me. I wanted to share something I recently … Continue reading

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Thinking about thinking

I’ve been thinking about thinking. I’ve been dialoguing with a new internet friend of mine, and it’s been helping me crystallize some ideas. Many of my online friends are intelligent and have a very dystopian view of the current world.  … Continue reading

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The ways we think and negativity bias

I’ve always been fascinated with the other ways people think. Probably because I used to feel I had some social deficits I attributed to the (false) belief that something was wrong with me and my brain.  I used to think … Continue reading

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Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom

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