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The ways we think and negativity bias

I’ve always been fascinated with the other ways people think. Probably because I used to feel I had some social deficits I attributed to the (false) belief that something was wrong with me and my brain.  I used to think … Continue reading

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Finding your bliss…or making your bliss?

There’s a conversation over on a gifted social network where a newcomer asked, “How do you find your bliss?” My first response was giving something that I figured he wanted to hear – a ‘how to’ explore your options.  I … Continue reading

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The endless quest

The practice of philosophy is a way of life that results from falling in love with questions—the great mythic questions that can never be given definitive answers. * Human life is a journey whose end is not in sight. Searching, … Continue reading

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Excerpts from Carl Roger’s On Becoming A Fully Functioning Person

The Good Life and the Fully Functioning Person (1953) Note These passages are from On Becoming a Person, a collection of essays by Carl Rogers published in 1961. *** I have gradually come to one negative conclusion about the good … Continue reading

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Maybe Rousseau had it right

Almost a year ago I started a new ritual of escaping to the woods whenever I was feeling out of sorts, overloaded, or too hyper-focused on intellectual pursuits.   When I made my first venture out to a local arboretum last … Continue reading

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