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A new normal – life after trauma

While I admit the use of the word “normal” to describe anyone is dubious at best, given how Eric Maisel determined The 29 Senses of Normal, which has pretty much made it an empty word devoid of any real meaning, … Continue reading

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For DT

I was doing dishes after I read you’ll be packing up and heading home.  I still am waiting for the tears to stop flowing.  I’m not crying because you won’t be blogging anymore (and thanks for the heads up).  I’m … Continue reading

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In search of a New Muse

And I’m taking applications. NOT! I have been thinking about Muses lately, about using a Muse to help you tap into creativity and if it’s even necessary or advisable to have a Muse as inspiration. It’s not difficult to see … Continue reading

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Desperately seeking something

Reprinted from August, 2010 with an update at the end. **** This song is playing in the background as I type – feel free to play it while you read. I try to make sense of my life, and try … Continue reading

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When philosophy and love don’t mix

I spend quite a bit of my time reading good works of philosophy (as well as literature) and I’ve often wondered about the relationships of philosophers and how successful or not they were at combining love relationships and deep philosophical … Continue reading

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