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New year, new clarity, new goal

In the year 2014, I’m going to continue to express from the heart while refining my writing. I wanted to share my new “about this blog” page here.  It was written originally as a response to a blog post over … Continue reading

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And that’s how I’d like to be remembered

This is the conclusion of the series of blog posts I wrote about the death of my daughter’s first grade teacher.  You can read part I here The Great Mrs. Parker: November 13, 2009: The funeral home for Mrs. Parker … Continue reading

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On maintaining meaning

The character of Sherlock Holmes has been on my mind of late.  I’ve really liked Robert Downey, Jr’s depiction of him, as well as Johnny Lee Miller’s version of him on Elementary. I was talking to an acquaintance on a … Continue reading

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It’s time for another Full Moon Fire Jam

I’m reprinting an old post of mine from another blog, because my husband suggested we try going to this event again. **** August 15, 2011 What an amazing experience we had Sunday night.  For one of our last days of … Continue reading

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Thinking about thinking

I’ve been thinking about thinking. I’ve been dialoguing with a new internet friend of mine, and it’s been helping me crystallize some ideas. Many of my online friends are intelligent and have a very dystopian view of the current world.  … Continue reading

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