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Hyperfocused, yet scatterbrained

I’m reblogging an old post of mine from another blog, Raising Smart Girls where I blog about raising my daughters, two of whom are in the gifted program in their respective schools.  This post is in line with a few … Continue reading

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Striking a balance between intellectual work and relaxation.

“Intellectual work imposes great tension on the mind and nervous system.  Under pain of nervous exhaustion and sometimes serious psychic illness, it is absolutely mandatory to provide for release of this tension.  Those engaged in intellectual work must be convinced … Continue reading

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Preliminary thoughts on creativity, energy, and fear

This is a post that arose out of a discussion I had with Diana in the previous post about Expanding Perspectives Through Blogging.  What I said in response to one thing she mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg … Continue reading

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The search for self

In each of us there is a potential for wholeness, for bringing the conflicting parts of ourselves together in a synthesis.  We have a simple name for this totality of the individual.  Jung called it the “self”. The “self” is … Continue reading

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On maintaining meaning

The character of Sherlock Holmes has been on my mind of late.  I’ve really liked Robert Downey, Jr’s depiction of him, as well as Johnny Lee Miller’s version of him on Elementary. I was talking to an acquaintance on a … Continue reading

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