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Hyperfocused, yet scatterbrained

I’m reblogging an old post of mine from another blog, Raising Smart Girls where I blog about raising my daughters, two of whom are in the gifted program in their respective schools.  This post is in line with a few … Continue reading

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Preliminary thoughts on creativity, energy, and fear

This is a post that arose out of a discussion I had with Diana in the previous post about Expanding Perspectives Through Blogging.  What I said in response to one thing she mentioned is just the tip of the iceberg … Continue reading

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Thinking about thinking

I’ve been thinking about thinking. I’ve been dialoguing with a new internet friend of mine, and it’s been helping me crystallize some ideas. Many of my online friends are intelligent and have a very dystopian view of the current world.  … Continue reading

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Finding your bliss…or making your bliss?

There’s a conversation over on a gifted social network where a newcomer asked, “How do you find your bliss?” My first response was giving something that I figured he wanted to hear – a ‘how to’ explore your options.  I … Continue reading

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Seeking fellowship in all the wrong places

Note:  I forgot that I wrote this post on a message board for gifted adults earlier this year.  I wrote it February 7th of 2012.   Someone recently posted a comment on it and I re-read it and felt I’d like … Continue reading

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