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Anxiety and creative expression

I think that I am finally making peace with my anxiety.  I had been trying for a long time to figure out how to get rid of it.  I was not sure I could. I wrote a comment on a … Continue reading

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The legacy of dysfunction

I’m working through Claudia Black’s It Will Never Happen to Me.  I find reading the literature about living with chemically addicted people to be quite helpful at this point in my journey.    I talk about my experience with living with … Continue reading

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A new normal – life after trauma

While I admit the use of the word “normal” to describe anyone is dubious at best, given how Eric Maisel determined The 29 Senses of Normal, which has pretty much made it an empty word devoid of any real meaning, … Continue reading

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Inflammation as a Potential Cause of Mood Disorders “Researchers found that patients with an autoimmune disease were 45 percent more likely to have a mood disorder, while any history of infection increased the risk of a mood disorder by 62 percent. About one-third of people diagnosed with … Continue reading

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If you had controlling parents

For those of you who didn’t having controlling parents, you might want to skip this post (unless you are just really interested…).  For those of you who did, please, read on.    I wrote this blog post in 2011 on … Continue reading

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