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Hyperfocused, yet scatterbrained

I’m reblogging an old post of mine from another blog, Raising Smart Girls where I blog about raising my daughters, two of whom are in the gifted program in their respective schools.  This post is in line with a few … Continue reading

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The healing journey continues

This blog is rather multifunctional, but one of the primary reasons I write is because I’m on a healing journey and I write to chronicle the journey, in hopes that the things I’m learning about during this process might be … Continue reading

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The search for self

In each of us there is a potential for wholeness, for bringing the conflicting parts of ourselves together in a synthesis.  We have a simple name for this totality of the individual.  Jung called it the “self”. The “self” is … Continue reading

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Yeah, I know. It’s been more than a month since I wrote last. I came down with a mysterious case of writer’s block. I probably should have done what I do when I’m in a creative slump…just charge right through … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Mother Meets The Artistic Mother?

I’m working through a pervasive sense of sadness and isolation (yes, even though I’m married with children).  I’ve struggling with yearnings for deep connection with others (in the real world, not just the internet, where I’ve met some wonderful people) … Continue reading

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